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Family Packages

Sparkbox Toys

Parents rejoice! Triumph Hotels and Sparkbox Toys have exclusively partnered to offer a range of educational toys for our youngest guests. Families with young children under 5 years of age will receive a complimentary Sparkbox upon arrival for use during the hotel stay. Each box comes with an exclusive collection curated for each hotel, with age-appropriate learning toys selected by experts and tailored to a child’s developmental needs. 

Parents can rest easy knowing they will travel with one less toy-filled bag in tow, and know that a selection of safe, innovative, and sustainable products will be on hand to entertain their little one during the stay. Upon checkout, guests can choose to leave the toys behind, or purchase the set at an exclusively discounted price. Triumph guests will also receive a discount code, should they decide to set up a Sparkbox subscription in the future. 

For more information, please contact our front desk: (212) 246-7550